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White Mold Growth can be a major problem.Learn to Deal with White mold removal

White Mold; What it is and What to do with white mold removal.

Many of us have already heard of black mold and how dangerous it can be for our families; however, white mold is just as scary and dangerous and most of us have no idea we might even have that type of mold in our house. This particular type of mold can indicate the early stages of a much worse mold infestation, for example. It is really important for homeowners to learn more about white mold and how to get rid of it and minimize its nasty effects on your health and the health of everyone living in your household, including pets and children.

Let’s start with a bit of background information on mold and its pigmentation. Mold, in houses, needs to be avoided at all cost. The problem with mold is that it can grow quite quickly and also causes health hazards by releasing toxic substances in the air. The health hazards associated with mold is why it is important to start attacking mold as soon as you see it appear; the bigger the molded surface, the harder it will be to get rid of and the more dangerous it gets. IT is also important to note that mold is present both indoors and outdoors. The problem with indoor mold is that it’ll grow quickly if found in damp or moist areas – and that’s a very big problem for many homeowners. Mold growth can be classified according to its pigmentation. The particular type of mold we will be discussing here, white mold, is characterized by a very pale pigmentation or a complete white color. This particularity can make it hard to spot it at first, especially if you have white walls in the bathroom or the kitchen, for example.

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Where can you find white mold growth? Why White Mold Removal

White mold is very common in houses, unfortunately. You can find white mold growth in basements, bathrooms, attics, on your walls, etc. Any
where that is damp and moist enough to encourage the growth of mold is somewhere where you can find white mold.

If you think you might have white mold in your house, inspect every corner. The first step to eradicate the problem is to identify every growth in the house. Because white mold can be found virtually anywhere in a home, you’ll have heavy inspecting work to do.

How dangerous and damaging can white mold be?

Thankfully, white mold epidemics aren’t as dangerous as black mold, which is possibly why we are not as informed about white mold as we should be. The problem with white mold is that, as aforementioned, it can indicate the early stages of a much worse problem –With time it will age and become black mold eventually, a much more damaging type of mold in terms of its potential health effects on you and your family. White mold doesn’t release the same toxins as black mold, but it can still trigger irritation, allergies and a bunch of other unwanted symptoms in all individuals.Many people call white mold remediation contractors or white mold damage help.

Aside from the health hazards associate with white mold, it is also important to note that white mold can be damaging for your house and its structures. Mold can damage wood, walls, basically any type of surface that you find it growing on. This is why it is important to get rid of mold as soon as you find it; if you let mold grow without taking action, you’ll end up having to spend thousands of dollars in renovations on top of having to spend time, effort and money on getting rid of the mold itself. While this particular type of mold doesn’t look as alarming as black mold, it can be just as damaging to your house; take it seriously and take action right away.

How can you get rid of white mold in your house?

The good thing about this type of mold is that it is much easier to eradicate than black mold, for example. There are a few different solutions that you can try yourself before getting help from an expert or a professional company and it’s definitely worth the try if the problem is still very localized and small scale in your home. Whether you have basement white mold or bathroom white mold, these tricks can help you avoid catastrophe.

1.    Use bleach?. This is a well-known solution; a bleach and water mixture can help you get the mold out of walls and clean it up easily. However, they are many precautions to be taken if you decide to go down that road. First of all, the smell associated with bleach is quite overwhelming.There opposing Points of view on bleach use to kill white mold.  Make sure that you can open up the windows and air out the house thoroughly while you are cleaning white mold  with bleach and for a few hours after to make sure that the smell is gone. You’ll also want to make sure that you are wearing a mask and goggles. Bleach fumes can be dangerous so make sure you aren’t getting anything in your eyes, your nose or your mouth. Of course you don’t want to hurt your skin, so use gloves and long sleeves. It’s also important to follow the manufacturer’s guidelines when using bleach to make sure you are doing it right and won’t end up causing more damage to your walls and structures. New technology with disinfectant chemicals have progressed to the point to be more effective in studies than bleach. For these Mold Disinfectants such as Sporicidin Ant-microbial , Milgo Disinfectant , and Microban are among the top white mold disinfectants.

What Causes White Mold Growth….. Moisture is the main answer

2.    Get rid of moisture. Find out what water source is feeding this growth of white mold.Now this might sound rather obvious but many people forget about it. You can clean with bleach and all the other chemicals you possibly can find, but if you don’t get rid of the water damage and dampness that helps white mold grow, you’ll never completely fix the white mold removal problem. So, after cleaning everything up, you’ll really have to get rid of the conditions in which black mold grow or white mold grow. For example, if you found the mold in your basement or bathroom, you can use a dehumidifier to help lessen the moisture in the room and dry up the air. You can also pay special attention to pipes and drains; make sure nothing is leaking. If it is possible make sure that the room in which you found the mold can be aired out; sunlight and air will help dry up the humidity or the moisture that accumulates in a particular room – this will make a huge difference when it comes to mold growth.

If none of this seems to do the trick, you’ll have to call in professionals to take care of your problem. Experts will also be needed if you have mold epidemics in multiple rooms. If it is too widespread a little bleach and a dehumidifier might not help the situation as the cause of the mold might be more complex than a bit of moisture. There is also the potential risk of the mold having penetrated deeper in to wood through cracks and soft tissue opened by moisture which would be very difficult to clean, if not impossible, with some expert help and advice. If you must get help from a team of professionals, make sure to get a written quote and get a few opinions on how to proceed to make sure that you aren’t getting duped.

The key to getting rid of white mold is to make sure that it cannot reproduce. Because white mold in itself is not as hard to get rid of as other types of mold , such as black mold removal, the removal part is not the hardest part. The challenge is in keeping it away to ensure a good quality of air in your home and make sure that you don’t have to deal with that problem over and over again. Clean up your gutter, repair your pipes and drains before it becomes an even bigger problem; install vents in bathrooms and in the basements to keep the humidity to a minimum and make sure to get a few high quality dehumidifiers and spread them out around the home. Depending on how old your house is and the materials used to build it, you might be faced with a humidity problem that encourages the growth of mold – if you can’t completely get rid of humidity, try at least to keep it to a minimum by using the tips and tricks above. This will help you deal with a recurring problem and lessen the chances of white mold growth in your home.

Mold is an issue in many American homes; if you observed white mold growth in your house, take action right away. White mold is the easier to treat alternative, if action is swiftly taken. It can be eliminated quite quickly, so get some bleach or some vinegar and get to work! If all else fails or the growth in your home is more widespread then you feel comfortable treating yourself don’t hesitate to call in professionals –your health is worth the price.

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